The simple joys of cruising

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The simple joys of cruising

The most remarkable thing about embarking on a sailing boat for a week or more of cruising is how quickly you disconnect and feel like you’re really on holiday.

The magic of being on a boat is that as soon as you slip the lines, you leave your everyday life and worries behind, back there on the dock.

Live in the moment

Very soon, you slip into a simple lifestyle and focus on enjoying the present moment. Mother Nature and the weather become the great composers of your cruise, and you naturally start to observe the elements around you, the wind, the sea, the currents, the stars, the birds, and the dolphins.

The sailing will capture your attention; the best anchorage to find, the fishing, the preparation of delicious meals… YOU’LL LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Your days will be structured around sailing, swimming, naps, and visits to land: YOU WILL REST!


Create memories

Les joies simples de la croisière

Being on a boat also means being fully available for one another, with no external disturbances to alter your availability for your family or friends. Living together in the same unity of time and space, you’re creating long-lasting memories and bonds.

On the boat, the dress code is back to basics. You’ll wear a swimming costume, a sarong, a T-shirt and shorts or a light dress, and sandals to go ashore. For your luggage, opt for a small soft travel bag that can be folded and stored easily in a trunk on board.

Life at anchor is conducive to meeting other boats. It’s easy to get to know neighbouring boats, usually sailors from different backgrounds. Social barriers break down naturally, giving way to spontaneous and friendly interaction. You meet up in the cockpits for a quick cold beer.

When the time comes to return to your departure point, you’ll feel like you’ve been away for a long time – you’ll feel like you’ve had a real break. After that, it’s time to think about your next cruise!

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