The Seychelles

Les Seychelles

Renting a yacht with family or friends, for a short or long stay, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, it’s the dream destination! Composed of nearly 115 islands scattered in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are full of mythical places and will seduce you with their cachet and authenticity: paradise on earth!

The destination

  • Favourable climate throughout the year
  • Magical diving spots
  • Easy and safe sailing

Practical information

  • Official language : Seychelles créole English French
  • Currency : Seychelles rupee (SCR)
  • Time at Victoria : 23:34
Les Seychelles 1

An archipelago
of a thousand

The inner islands are the islands close to Mahé. The more distant outer islands include the Amirantes, the Farquhar group, and the Aldabra group. Mahé is usually the starting point for any trip in the Seychelles, whether it is a tour, cruise or combined holiday. The island is home to Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles archipelago.

The most famous and easily accessible inner islands are endowed with great natural, historical and cultural wealth. Not far from each other, the inner islands are ideal if you want to moor often and make more discoveries during your cruise. By choosing to rent a boat, you can be sure to see infinitely more than by staying on land and you will immediately immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience. La Digue, Mahé and Praslin form the essential trio for discovering the Seychelles aboard a yacht.

Numerous islands are uninhabited, the beaches are sublime and many of them are deserted. Environmental protection is at the heart of the Seychelles’s concerns, unlike other tropical sailing and tourist spots, and that makes all the difference.

Splendid and unspoiled Praslin is an idyllic setting to rent a mono or multihull. The island is home to an incredible primary forest, the Vallée de Mai (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), where the coconut palm grows: the delicious sea coconut has become the symbol of the country.

La Digue shows off all the beauties of the Seychelles archipelago: beaches surrounded by granite rocks, hills covered with coconut palms, latan trees and takamakas. Calm, charm and authenticity are the key words, a feeling of real well-being. No noise from cars or other vehicles, just tourists and locals riding bicycles.

Les Seychelles

The perfect climate
for all your activities

The Seychelles climate is tropical with a dry season and a rainy season which is not very marked. Temperatures are constant, between 25°C and 30°C all year round, which makes renting a yacht in the Seychelles possible whenever you want. However, during the transition months between the 2 seasons, ie late April to late June and mid-September to mid-November, the climate will be dry, sunny and not very windy.

In terms of the sea, the dream beaches and the seabed are unmissable: Anse Source D’Argent in La Digue, Anse Lazio in Praslin or Anse Intendance in Mahé are among the best known.

Put on your flippers, mask and snorkel and dive into the Indian Ocean from your yacht. The richness of the seabed will offer both young and old a magical diving or snorkelling experience: corals, tropical fish, turtles and manta rays can be seen all over the archipelago.

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