Cap Verde

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About 800 nautical miles south of the Canary Islands and 400 miles west of the African coast an extraordinary sailing area awaits! Welcome to Cape Verde! Here you can sail all year round, with your loved one, family or friends. If you are looking for an original holiday, then you have chosen the right destination! The local motto ‘No Stress’ really represents the state of mind there.

The destination

  • Sailing throughout the year
  • Archipelago of volcanic islands
  • Luxuriant valleys

Practical information

  • Official language : Portuguese Cape Verde creole
  • Currency : Cape verde escudo (CVE)
  • Time at Praia : 01:48
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Cape Verde, a calm and
isolated archipelago
off the coast of Senegal

The Cape Verde archipelago is made up of ten islands with wonderful sandy beaches and volcanic reliefs and is divided into two groups:

The Windward Islands (Barlavento) group together the most westerly islands of Santo Antão, its neighbour São Vicente, Santa Luzia (totally deserted and uninhabited), São Nicolau, Boa Vista and Sal, the most northerly, where international flights arrive.

You can only reach Santo Antão by boat, so take the opportunity for unforgettable walks through the mountains and the villages clinging to the hillsides. It is nicknamed ‘Grog Island’, with reference to the typical brandy made from sugar cane.

São Vicente Island, in the north of the archipelago, is the second most populous island in Cape Verde. You can pick up your rented yacht from the marina in Mindelo, the cultural capital of Cape Verde. It is the home town of the famous singer Cesária Évora, the barefoot diva.

The small island of Santa Luzia is a magnificent desert island with white sandy beaches. This nature reserve is a refuge for many animals. For a getaway, we recommend that you moor your boat at Praia de Palmo.

Sao Nicolau is one of the radiant Barlavento Islands! Very beautiful with dream beaches, breathtaking scenery and fabulous landscapes. It is one of the few to retain its values ​​and culture. Moor in Carriçal, an isolated village in the east of the island: a change of scenery, cheerfulness and good humour are guaranteed.

Boa Vista is home to the plain, the oasis, the beach and the desert. From your yacht, you will be amazed by the whiteness of the sand. Weigh anchor for a few hours and enjoy a thrilling experience touring the island on a quad.

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The Leeward

The Leeward Islands (Sotavento) are made up of the islands of Santiago (with the capital, Praia), Fogo, Brava and Maio.

Santiago Island, the largest of the Cape Verde Islands, is the most populous. With its contrasting reliefs, its mixtures of scents and African, European and Brazilian influences, Santiago immerses you in an ocean of colour, edged by magnificent coves. On board your trimaran, catamaran or monohull, you can easily explore the superb Agua Belas cave and the Achada Leite oasis.

The island of Fogo is known as ‘the island of the great volcano’. Its majestic volcano at an altitude of 2,800 metres is a contrast between tranquillity and intensity. Landscapes of savannah and farming dotted with peaceful hamlets, terraces of coffee bushes and orange trees, and green valleys.

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