Rent your yacht in Montenegro, south of Croatia and north of Albania, discover this fabulous small country in terms of size, but huge for its rich culture and landscapes! You can’t possibly be disappointed with Montenegro with its varied landscapes, mountains, magnificent 300km coastline, historic towns and many churches and monasteries. Less crowded with boaters than its Croatian neighbour, Montenegro offers a wonderful cruising option for renting your boat.

The destination

  • A magnificent coast
  • Gentle, Mediterranean climate
  • UNESCO cultural heritage sites

Practical information

  • Official language : Montenegrin
  • Currency : Euro (€)
  • Time at Podgorica : 07:52
Monténégro 1

Montenegro, a three-dimensional gem

The Bay of Kotor is one of the most beautiful bays in the world, a magnificent fjord nearly 20 miles long, completely sheltered from the sea – if not from the wind. Surrounded by immense mountains and a steep coast, the Bay of Kotor (or Boka Kotorska) is a grandiose site with exceptional landscapes, a 28 kilometre inlet, along the bay, where you will find small villages that seem to have stopped in time.

Montenegro also offers a multitude of different activities. Almost 60% of the country is over 1000 metres in altitude, perfect for skiing, hiking and climbing. But Montenegro also has a very interesting coastline for sailing towards the Adriatic Sea, with 72 kilometres of beaches. In mid-season you can actually ski and swim on the same day!

The town of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most picturesque medieval towns on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, with the mountain as a backdrop.

Anchor quietly in Risan, the oldest settlement in the Bay of Kotor. Then, sail along the coast and visit Perast, the oldest village in the Bay of Kotor. Offshore, there is the Isle of the Dead and the Isle of Our Lady of the Rock. South of the Bay, sail in your yacht to Budva, a small town surrounded by ramparts dating from the 15th century, one of the most important seaside resorts in Montenegro.

Sveti Stefan, undoubtedly the most famous islet in Montenegro, is a former small fortified fishing village and one of the most attractive destinations on the Adriatic coast.

And finally, don’t miss Lake Skadar, the largest in the Balkans and one of Montenegro’s five national parks. It forms the natural border between Albania and Montenegro. Offering breathtaking landscapes, it is one of the most important bird reserves in the world, home to nearly 256 species.

Monténégro 2

A country with a Mediterranean climate

You will find a Mediterranean climate that is sunny, hot and dry all year round on the Adriatic coast and a more continental climate inland. An ideal destination if you love mild weather, sailing, coasts and turquoise water to swim in and Mediterranean cuisine.

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