Types of cruises

Bareboat charter 2

Bareboat charter

Be the master on board and relish the taste of freedom!

Opt for the bareboat cruise with TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER and you’ll be sailing around places to dream of, in total freedom and privacy.

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Crewed yacht charter

Charter of a bareboat yacht with skipper and/or hostess service

Enjoy your cruise with no constraints.
Chartering a bareboat yacht with TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER is an experience like no other. Wherever you choose to go, with TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER you can treat yourself to the services of professional, efficient, and caring prople.

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Training sailing à bord d'un trimaran NEEL 2

Training Sailing aboard a NEEL trimaran

Sailing a trimaran may seem tricky from the outside, but rest assured it’s much easier than you might imagine. NEEL trimarans are designed for straightforward, safe sailing and to be manoeuvred by a small crew.

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