Charter a sailing boat in Guadeloupe. Like a jewel in the ocean, sparkling on the arc of the Lesser Antilles, Guadeloupe is studded with incredibly diverse scenery: white sand beaches, forests and volcanoes. Guadeloupe is actually an archipelago of seven islands.

You’ll be fascinated and enchanted by the sheer variety of landscapes here. Both sides, Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre, are unforgettable places to explore.

The destination

  • Sea and Mountain Landscapes
  • Creole food
  • Wealth of flora and fauna

Practical information

  • Official language : French Creole of Guadeloupe
  • Currency : Euro (€)
  • Time at Pointe-à-Pitre : 01:33
Guadeloupe voyage

Papillon Island and
its archipelago

Enjoy the inimitable pleasures of a sailing cruise and discover Guadeloupe, with its many coves and nature reserve embracing the islands of Petite-Terre, Marie-Galante, Désirade, Les Saintes…

Set sail from Pointe-à-Pitre and then anchor for a heavenly moment at the pristine little islet of Ilet Gosier. Sail off again towards Saint-François east of Grande Terre and feast your eyes on Pointe des Châteaux (the climb to the top is quite steep but well worth it!)

Then head south towards the islands of Petite Terre. These islands are comparable to the islands of the Tobago Cays in the Grenadines (don’t forget to notify the authorities in order to obtain right of access). This uninhabited archipelago is a protected nature reserve, both marine and land. Encircled by a coral reef, the islands of Petite-Terre are home to an incredible wealth of plant and animal life: a nature reserve that’ll leave you magical memories!

To the north, the island of Désirade is a veritable haven of peace, the perfect place to rest and recharge your batteries. You can visit the island on foot, by bike, or by scooter. Fringed by both sandy and rocky coasts, this island is sheer delight for divers, swimmers, and hikers. You’re sure to come across iguanas perched on guava trees.

Further south, Marie-Galante, dubbed “Isle of a Hundred Mills”, is dotted with fields of sugar cane and old mills. It’s renowned for its rum, the famous rum from the Bielle distillery that can reach up to 59°.

Réserver un bateauGuadeloupe

Expand your

Charter a sailing boat for two weeks to access a wider playground in the Caribbean and discover other islands. Stop off at Deshaies in the north-west of Basse-Terre, a charming little fishing village tucked in among tall, wooded hills. With its traditional wooden houses, it has a quintessentially Caribbean feel.

Sail away again to English Harbour in Antigua: surrender to the island’s tranquil charm and picture-postcard landscapes, with 365 beaches of fine sand whose colour goes from white to pink… Then head off to Barbuda, the island known for its pristine nature: the perfect place to get away from civilisation and lose yourself in nature, among donkeys and cows.

You can push as far as Saint Barth, a small French island in the heart of the Antilles, a place known for hype and beautiful people… But there’s much more: immerse yourself in the daily life and you’ll meet lots of settlers from Brittany. Brittany’s flag flies high, fluttering in the tropical breeze. Come back via the island of Saint Kitts, a top ecotourism destination. You won’t see a any high-rise concrete buildings, since the law here prohibits building anything taller than a palm tree. On the way back, you can stop over on the islands of Nevis and Montserrat.

The best time to charter a sailing boat in Guadeloupe for a cruise with family or friends is from December to May. The climate is pleasant during this period, with temperatures up to 32°C and steady winds for sailing.

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