The NEEL trimarans

The NEEL trimarans


Leader on the pleasure trimaran market, NEEL-TRIMARANS offers a complete range of trimarans, measuring from 43 to 65 feet. These are unique yachts that are attracting more and more owners and renters. These yachts seamlessly combine unparalleled on-board comfort with the unforgettable pleasure of sailing.

Exceptional yachts

These trimarans are the result of the experience and know-how of a team of enthusiasts, as well as feedback from the sailors, both during coastal cruises and over long-distance journeys. The greatest naval architects, Michel Joubert, Bernard Nivelt and Marc Lombard signed the plans for these units.

The width of the trimarans and the centring of the weights in the main hull are important for safety at sea because they guarantee great stability. This also contributes to a much more comfortable and smoother sailing experience.

The NEEL trimarans, renowned for their quality and originality, can be manoeuvred in complete safety and with a reduced crew.

These boats are all particularly light, functional, accommodating and

well-equipped (with large refrigerated compartments among other things). Life on board is a joy day after day. The layout of the living areas on one level, half exterior, half interior, with the famous Cockloon concept (contraction of cockpit and saloon) is unique. Life on board has a loft feel with a central galley, a saloon with a panoramic view and a cabin on the same level. Each model has its own specific design features that will meet everyone’s desires and tastes.

An original configuration for each model

The NEEL 43

The latest addition to the range continues to innovate and amaze with a pronounced shift towards the use of bio-sourced and recyclable materials. NEEL-TRIMARANS is definitely part of the virtuous circle of respect for the environment. The modular layout of the NEEL 43 surprises, in addition to the two double cabins, of the double berth of the saloon, single cabins in the fore decks, a tatami mat layout in the saloon can accommodate up to 10 people on board.

Overall length 43 ft
Overall width 24,60 ft
Draught 4,95 ft
Air draft 62 ft
Displacement 9 T
Full battens mainsail 630 sq ft
Furling genoa 466 sq ft
Water 132 US Gallons
Fuel 80 US Gallons
Engine Diesel Sail drive 50 HP
Ship designers Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group
CE Certification ICNN

The NEEL 47


The NEEL 47‘s configurations are seductive with the layout of the floats with independent access, or the “Full Beam Cockpit®” which stretches a cockpit of unequalled dimensions, never before seen on a 47-footer.

Overall length 47 ft
Overall width 27 ft
Draught 5,2 ft
Air draft 62,3 ft
Displacement 10,60 T
Full battened mainsail 753,5 sq ft
Furling genoa 538 sq ft
Self tracking, furling staysail 215 sq ft
Freshwater tank 158,5 US gallons
Diesel tank 80 US gallons
Engine 1 x Diesel 60 HP
Ship designers Marc Lombard, Yacht Design Group
Certification CE ICNN

The NEEL 52

Racy look, fast and voluminous.

With its racy, modern silhouette, elaborately designed hull and sleek lines, the NEEL 52 exudes power, speed, and elegance. Moving inside and on the deck is smooth and safe.

Overall length 52 ft
Overall width 26.24 ft
Draft 6.28 ft
Air draft 78.74 ft (aluminium mast)
Displacement 13;5 T
Full battens mainsail square topped  :

  • 1 022.57 sq ft (aluminium mast)
  • 1 098=7.92 sq ft (carbon mast)

Staysail 345 sq. ft
Furling genoa 764 sq. ft
Battened gaff mainsail 1039 sq. ft
Engine Volvo 110 HP sail drive
Freshwater tank 132.08 US gallons
Diesel tank 206.05 US gallons
Ship designers Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group
Certification CE ICNN


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