Welcome to Martinique, the island of contrasts. Here, mountains rise high over tropical forests that give way to sandy beaches and incredible anchorages. If you want to truly discover the beauty of Martinique, charter a sailing boat and explore the islets, bays and white sand shoals.

For a trip around Martinique, you should plan a week’s cruise divided into various short sails. On the programme: pleasure sailing and discovery of the island’s treasures, inevitably accompanied by a glass of Ti Punch and cod acras.

The destination

  • You can sail all year round
  • Yachting paradise
  • Creole culture and gastronomy

Practical information

  • Official language : French Creole
  • Currency : Euro (€)
  • Time at Fort-de-France : 22:51
La martinique

Sail around the
"Flowery Island"

Set sail from Le Marin and sail downwind to Sainte-Anne where you can anchor in complete tranquillity. Impossible to miss the charming village of Anses-d’Arlet, which offers an idyllic setting for visitors, ideal for relaxation and a change of scenery.

There are also two superb beaches: Anse noire where you will find a wide variety of Martinique’s underwater fauna and flora as well as the charming Anse Dufour, a magnificent snorkeling site.

Continue your tour with a stop in Saint-Pierre and take this opportunity to visit the town, which was ravaged in 1902 when Mount Pelée erupted. You can also organise a dive with a professional scuba diving club, who will take you to discover old wrecks

On the windward coast, navigation must be cautious, starting from Le Marin sail towards Le François discover a site you simply can’t afford to miss in Martinique : “Josephine’s Bath”. This corner of paradise lies between the Oscar islet and Thiery islet. There’s a total of eight stunning islets dotted around this area of white sand shoals; these stretches of sand are what make the place such an idyllic bathing spot. Two superb anchorages off the Robert: Madame islet and Chancel islet.
Sail along “Treasure Bay” on the Caravelle peninsula and take a look at the ruins of Château Dubuc, a former sugar and coffee farm

Rocher du diamant martinique

Optimal sailing

The sailing conditions here are ideal, with steady winds (trade winds) blowing at an average of 15 knots and temperatures hovering around the 30-degree mark all year round. If you charter a sailing boat for at least ten days, you can sail to the Grenadines, stopping over in Saint Lucia anchoring off splendid bays like Rodney Bay and Marigot Bay. Further south, Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines await you. The volcanic and mountainous island of Saint-Vincent boasts lush vegetation, black sand beaches and the famous Soufrière volcano at its peak.
Sail south to discover a string of idyllic islands, Béquia and the beautiful bay of Port Elizabeth, with bars lining the waterfront; Mosquito; Canouan; Mayreau; Union; and, of course, the Tobago Cays. Chartering a boat and sailing around the Grenadines archipelago is an experience you will treasure forever.

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