Charter a boat in Saint Martin, the French-Dutch Caribbean island. The French side boasts stunning beaches fringed with palm trees, white sand as far as the eye can see and turquoise waters; the Dutch side has a buzzing nightlife. Just a few miles from Saint-Martin lie the islands of Saint Barth and Anguilla. Embark on a two-week journey and set sail for the British Virgin Islands.

The Caribbean is the ideal place to charter a sailing boat: here’s your chance to escape the dull, grey European winter, hoist the sails and head out to sea!

The destination

  • A magnificent playground for sailing
  • Pic Paradis
  • Proximity to British Virgin Islands

Practical information

  • Official language : French side : French and English Dutch side: Dutch and English
  • Currency : Euro (€)
  • Time at Marigot / Philipsburg : 23:12
Saint-Martin charter boat

Islands near

Set sail from Marigot Bay and explore the islets on the leeward side. There are about 10 islets dotted around the island, the largest of which is the famous Pinel with its three beaches. Tintamarre Island lies three kilometres off the coast.

Why not make a quick stop at Grand-Case on the way, anchoring off the beach and treating yourself to some local cuisine and a drink of rum? Take a dip or laze around on deck soaking in the beauty of your surroundings, with the dizzy heights of Pic Paradis in the distance. On the East Coast, enjoy the tranquillity of Orient Bay fringed by palm trees and white sand.

Set sail for Gustavia on the island of Saint Barthélemy, with its colourful wooden huts. At the western tip of Saint Barthélemy lies Anse de Colombier, the perfect bay for snorkelling.

Welcome to Anguilla, the main island of the British Overseas Territories. If you were to sum up Anguilla in a few words, you’d say “chill out” and “smile”. Take a little trip to Crocus Bay on the north coast, where white sand beaches stretch into crystal waters above picture-perfect shoals. Why not have a go at snorkelling, especially if you’ve never done it before!


Sail even

If you charter a sailing boat in Saint Martin, you can sail all year round. However, the months of December and January are not recommended because the trade winds are stronger during this period. Average temperatures are around 26 degrees Celsius and the wind tends to stay between 15 to 20 knots.

Embark on an adventure to the British Virgin Islands. Set your course for Tortola, where the wide, sheltered Cane Garden Bay presents the finest of anchorages. Tucked away right by the bay sits a bustling little village with various restaurants and traditional huts. Sample the local cuisine and drinks, relax and enjoy the moment!

Enjoy a stopover on Peter Island, dropping your anchor off Deadman’s Bay: this palm-fringed beach is listed as one of the world’s ten most romantic beaches. Don your snorkelling gear and slip into the turquoise waters to discover their underwater treasures, as sea turtles swim curiously by.

Set off to Norman Island. After a short sail gliding along beautiful, sparkling waters, you’ll get to “The Bight” bay, once a pirate’s lair.

If you relish a taste of the Robinson Crusoe life, you’ll love the small uninhabited islands of Green Cay and Sandy Cay.

At Virgin Gorda, make sure you visit ”The Baths” on the south of the island. These geological wonders will take your breath away. Witness a strange blend of white sand beaches and rock formations. The rocks form natural pools, tunnels, arches and panoramic caves that open out to the sea… A majestic setting!

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