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Before your departure

Do I need a license or qualification to charter a bareboat yacht?

It depends on the destination; TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER strongly recommends that there be someone who holds a sailing qualification on board the (bareboat) charter yacht.

In France, there is no such thing as a sailing license (unlike Britain, with RYA certificates etc.). Some countries, however, require you to hold a sailing license. For your information, there are equivalences between licenses within the European Union.

If you lack sailing experience but still want to charter a yacht, you can opt for the services of a professional skipper.

Contact your advisor for more information.

When chartering a yacht, what is the security deposit for?

The security deposit covers any damage to the chartered vessel, including loss and theft of the vessel and its equipment, and to any third parties. When you book a NEEL yacht, TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER will retain your deposit up to the amount of costs incurred to cover any damages caused by the charterer.

Note: the skipper has civil liability insurance covering the people under his/her responsibility, but this does not cover damage to the boat.

It’s worth mentioning that in most cases, there are options for deposit repurchase or damage waivers that either exempt you from paying the deposit or reduce the amount.

How much is the deposit and when should the balance be paid?

In general, payment for the charter is made in two instalments:

  • 30% of the bareboat charter upon booking,
  • The balance of 70% plus options, 45 days before departure.

However, this distribution of payments may vary. In all cases, your contract will specify how the payment shall be distributed.

Can we have the yacht provisioned before our arrival?

Provisioning can be done for you at most of the charter bases, with your supplies delivered on board prior to your arrival. Ask your advisor for the supply list, fill it out it according to your preferences and return it no later than 15 days before departure, or fill it out directly online depending on the options available.
Payment is made on site, on the day you embark, by credit card or online.

Are children allowed on board?

Of course! Our charters offer you the chance to have a relaxing time with your family. Before you go, make sure that your charter yacht offers the option of installing a safety net, as not all yachts can be equipped with it.

Each child must also wear a life jacket of their size fitted with a harness.

Can I charter a yacht for any length of time, any day of the week?

You can book a sailing boat for however long you like, starting any day of the week, except for in the Mediterranean zones where bookings are taken exclusively on a weekly basis, from Saturday to Saturday.

Can TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER organise flights and transfers?

TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER can not only organise your airport transfers but also book your flights, through our partner specialising in air travel. This means you can choose to receive your electronic tickets and boarding passes directly at home or by e-mail.

What travel documents are required?

It depends on your destination. All international destinations require a passport for entry into the country if you are not from that country. Please do not hesitate to contact your TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER advisor so that he/she can help you prepare for your trip as best as possible.

Could I board my yacht earlier than the time indicated on the booking?

Let us know your arrival time as soon as possible so we can confirm whether or not you can board earlier. In some cases, there may be an extra cost for this.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

In the Mediterranean, with TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER:

  • Check-in on Saturday in mid-afternoon.
  • Check-out on Friday in the late afternoon, disembarking on Saturday morning between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.

The yacht and the tender must be returned with full tanks (water, fuel).

Note: Even though check-out takes place on Saturday morning, you must be back in the marina no later than 6 p.m. on Friday (18:00) in order to carry out the technical check and hull inspection.

For other destinations, all the terms will be attached to your booking contract.

Is there a set route to follow?

Absolutely not. You are in total control of your trip and free to sail wherever you want. If you opt for a cruise with a professional skipper, your skipper will listen to you, provide advice if you seek it and act according to your wishes, as far as possible.

How long do we need to sail per day?

There are no limits or guidelines. It depends purely on your wishes and your projects. However, we do not recommend long sailing trips. In fact, if you sail two to four hours a day, you’ll be able to try out a variety of different anchorages, ports and marinas; and, why not, step off your yacht to explore new places.

Are there life jackets available on board?

It goes without saying that life jackets are provided and must be worn when sailing.

Is there wifi on board the yachts?

Wifi may be included in the yacht charter or may be provided at an extra cost. Check with your advisor to make sure.

What activities can you do on board the yacht? Is there any equipment available?

Don’t hesitate to consult your advisor to find out what equipment the yacht has. The yachts each have their own equipment and on-board activities, as snorkelling gear, kayaks, etc. You can also book Stand-Up Paddle boards or fishing equipment as an option.

Can we cook on board?

The yachts on offer all have kitchens kitted out with all the equipment you need. All you need to do is plan the provisioning of the yacht before your departure in order to obtain all the supplies you need for your trip.

Crewed charter

What is a crewed yacht charter?

Chartering a crewed yacht means renting a boat for yourself, your family or your guests with a crew on board consisting of a skipper and/or a hostess or steward. Go wherever you like and relax as you just sit back and enjoy your holidays. No sailing experience is required if you select the option of chartering a yacht with a skipper. If you wish, your hostess or steward can cook sophisticated dishes that suit your tastes.

Who selects the yacht's crew?

In the case of NEEL trimaran charters, TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER selects the skippers. For other types of yacht, please contact your advisor and find out all the details of your contract’s terms and conditions.

About the skipper

What exactly does a professional skipper do?

If you opt to have a skipper with you for your trip (optional), he/she will take charge of operating the yacht, ensuring safety on board and taking you from place to place under sail.

Note: it is not the skipper’s job to cook meals, look after children or do household chores on board the yacht.

Are we still responsible for the yacht and the security deposit when we charter with a skipper?

Yes, as the charterer, you remain responsible for the vessel. In the event of damage to equipment or to the yacht, you will be held responsible up to the amount of the deposit/excess mentioned in the contract.

Can the skipper train us to sail?

Note that the skipper is not a sailing teacher. Having said that, many of them are happy to give you advice and teach you some techniques. When you book, please go ahead and tell us what you expect from the trip and what your aims are.

Should I leave a tip for the skipper at the end of the trip?

As a general guideline, it is customary to tip the skipper if you are satisfied with the quality of the service. The amount tends to be from 10 to 15 % of the price of the skipper option.

About the steward or hostess

What exactly does a hostess or steward do?

The steward or hostess will take care of your general well-being on board and, more specifically, cook your meals. He/she will take care of tidying and housework in the communal areas.

Should I leave a tip for the hostess or steward at the end of the trip?

If you were satisfied with the quality of the service, it is customary to give a tip of 10 to 15 % of the price of the hostess/steward option.

Bareboat charter

What is bareboat charter?

Bareboat yacht charter” means renting a yacht without a crew, for you and your family or guests, that you plan to sail on your own. You can take the option of hiring a skipper for a specific leg of your trip, with a crew.

What's included in a bareboat charter?

The yacht (sailing boat) and its tender are equipped with an outboard motor, in the case of trimarans.

Fuel and water: The yachts are handed over with full tanks of fuel (boat and tender) and full tanks of water. There’s one gas bottle in service, plus one new spare gas bottle. The boat and tender must be re-delivered with full tanks (water, fuel).

Mandatory option: Final cleaning

What is not included?

The crew. Booking a skipper, a steward or a hostess is opting for an additional service, at an extra cost

Additional costs: The costs of ports, marinas, mooring (which vary according to destinations), your supplies, the various cruising taxes and transit and customs fees.

Extras / options: this part of the booking varies depending on your water and fuel consumption and your chosen options in terms of supplies (food, drinks), watersports gear (eg. SUP), Wifi, airport transfers.


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