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Crewed yacht charter

Enjoy your cruise with no constraints.
Chartering a bareboat yacht with TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER is an experience like no other. Wherever you choose to go, with TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER you can treat yourself to the services of professional, efficient, and caring prople.

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Enjoy the services of a skipper

If you don’t know how to sail but want to spend your holidays on a boat, or if you just want to sail in peace and concentrate on fully enjoying your time off, then the best option is to charter a yacht with a skipper, for a guaranteed stress-free holiday.

You’re the one in charge of the programme, and at the same time you can rely on the wise, experienced advice of a professional skipper. You’re in good hands; just sit back and relax.

We’ll have a chat with you to get to know you better and offer you a freelance skipper who’ll match your crew and the atmosphere on board.

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Luxury cruising in the height of comfort

Put yourself in the hands of an experienced professional skipper who has detailed knowledge of your chosen destination and who’ll take you to the most beautiful anchorages. To top it off, you can also hire a steward or hostess to take care of all your needs throughout the cruise, so that you can simply sit back and fully enjoy your sailing trip.

You’re not sure which option to go for, bareboat or bareboat with freelance professionals charter, and you’d like more details about chartering with a skipper or with a hostess ?

We’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the option that suits you best.

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