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Be the master on board and relish the taste of freedom!

Opt for the bareboat cruise with TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER and you’ll be sailing around places to dream of, in total freedom and privacy.

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Independence guaranteed

If your sailing level and experiences allow you to consider skippering the boat yourself, then this is the type of cruise for you. You’ll be the master on board, free to choose your itinerary, your anchorages and your stopovers. You can set off to explore the destination of your dreams at your own pace and in total intimacy.

NEEL trimarans are renowned for being easy to manoeuvre with a small crew. You can execute all manoeuvres from the helm. You’ll experience the delight and pride of taking your family or friends for a trip aboard your sailing boat.

For this cruising option, you’ll be asked to submit details of your sailing experiences and qualifications.

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"Bareboat" – without a crew – in no way entails a lack of advice or support.

At TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER, our priority is to be there for our customers, communicating and providing assistance at every step. When you book, we’ll answer all your questions personally.

There won’t be a crew on board, but your yacht will of course be equipped with the full safety and navigation gear required for your trip.

You’ll have a stress-free start, with full tanks of water and fuel. Linen (sheets and towels) is also included in the service.

You’re the captain, it’s time to slip the lines!

Not quite sure if chartering bareboat is right for you?

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