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Known worldwide as the ‘Island of Beauty’ the Corsican coast is the most varied and richest in France; crystal clear waters, huge sandy beaches, small deserted coves and granite cliffs. Corsica, jewel of the Mediterranean, offer a variety of unique seascapes.

The destination

  • Beaches listed as the ‘most beautiful in the world’
  • A rich cultural heritage
  • Easily and quickly accessible destination

Practical information

  • Official language : French
  • Currency : Euro (€)
  • Time at Ajaccio : 06:29
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Corsica, one of the most beautiful destinations for cruising

One of the most beautiful destinations in the world for sailing, in a monohull, catamaran or even a trimaran. Numerous landscapes have remained wild, and you can discover the magic renting a boat with or without a skipper.

The island has relatively good winds for sailing. The setting is breathtaking, and the gastronomy is famous there. It is an island with a strong ancestral culture. Nothing compares to Corsica!

Discover treasures like Cala d´Agulia or the Fazzio cove. And of course, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity for a little getaway to the Lavezzi, Girolata and Calanches de Piana islands, truly unmissable.

Visiting the Calanques de Piana by boat allows you to discover how grandiose and majestic they are! Saint-Florent is a charming city at the water’s edge. Explore the many coves of the wild coast of the Agriates desert by yacht. It’s a real break from the routine.

Calvi bay is a real picture postcard setting, where the blue of the sea contrasts with the surrounding mountains, and you can see the highest point in Corsica, Monte Cinto. Ajaccio, a beautiful port city, is a key point for renting a sailing boat.


Between land and sea

Ajaccio is the main city in southern Corsica and the city of Napoleon, La Citadelle and the old town with its picturesque streets are especially worth a visit.

Propriano, between the sea and mountains, is the highlight of the Gulf of Valinco, renowned for the beauty of its landscapes.

Bonifacio, perched on the white cliffs, offers a unique port in the Mediterranean. Some places like Piantarella Santa Manza or Balistra provide shelter from violent winds. Renting a yacht in Bonifacio means opting for a more sporty cruise given that the winds can blow strongly.

Porto-Vecchio, the third largest city in Corsica, is a popular tourist destination on the island thanks to its exceptional heritage and grandiose landscapes. Sumptuous beaches bordered by pine forests, ancient Genoese fortifications and a magnificent mountainous hinterland. Porto-Vecchio will delight you.

The port of Bastia deserves a stop to taste the charm of the place.

Renting a yacht in Corsica also allows you to discover magnificent sites such as Cala Francese beach, the Jumelles de Galets, the Dragon cave and the Canuseddu coves.

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