Cooking aboard a NEEL trimaran

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Cooking aboard a NEEL trimaran

Cooking on board is always a real pleasure, both during preparation and tasting. Meals are a highlight of the cruise, and so much the better because they come back 3 times a day!

And cooking aboard a NEEL trimaran will not deny this fact.

First of all because the galley area is particularly well laid out and spacious, better than at home! Whatever the model of NEEL, the kitchen is on the same level with a breathtaking 360 ° panoramic view, preparing a meal becomes a real pleasure. Then enjoy it in the Cockloon®, this space half inside and half outside, typical of NEEL trimarans is a delight!

Preparation before departure

Provisioning is a very important step before you board. It should not be neglected. On the other hand, if you do not have time to do the shopping before your departure, you can ask for the provisioning to be done before your arrival, all you have to do is tick a pre-established shopping list. You are also free to do your shopping online and have it delivered on board before you set sail.

The first priority is to order the bulkiest and heaviest items to carry, such as drinks (and you need to drink a lot while sailing), followed by non-perishable items. Before bunkering or ordering, take into account the number of people on board, the length of the cruise and therefore the number of meals, culinary tastes and allergies of each person.

You will have the opportunity to buy additional food during your stopovers, and it is one of the joys of the cruise to visit the local markets.

On the NEEL trimarans, you will find plenty of storage and stowage space to lay out and organise your provisions.

The cold capacities are considerable on board NEEL trimarans, so on the NEEL 47, the refrigerator volume is 160 litres, the freezer volume is 53 litres, on the NEEL 43, the refrigerator capacity is 130 litres and you will find two refrigerators on board the NEEL 51 in addition to a large freezer.

Your taste buds are sailing in Corsica

You are bound to be inspired by the gastronomic culture of the country you are in. Travelling also means discovering other culinary flavours and adapting the menus on board to the products on offer during the stopovers. In Corsica, you will always find excellent meats and good cheese platters.

The Isle of Beauty is famous for its fish stocks and if you are lucky enough to have a fisherman on board, you will enjoy fresh fish. The NEEL 43 and the NEEL 47 are equipped with a plancha, so take advantage of it to grill your fish.

Here is a simple recipe for a sea bass (called loup in the Mediterranean) caught in the fishy waters of the Pointe de la Parata for example, just outside Ajaccio, the starting base for renting NEEL trimarans:

For 4 people you will need 2 sea bass, 1 lemon, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 red onion, 1 bunch of fresh basil, salt and pepper.

Light your plancha at 300°.

Rinse your gutted fish well, peel and cut two cloves of garlic in half, the same with the red onion.

Put the basil in the fish, the garlic cloves and the chopped red onion. Close the sea bass and place them on the hot plancha, reduce to 280°, cook for 10/15 minutes on one side and then on the other and serve them surrounded by lemon slices.

Accompany them with grilled vegetables from Corsica: tomatoes, fennel, carrots.
Enjoy your meal!

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If your taste buds sail to the West Indies

Like its population, Caribbean cuisine is mixed, sun-drenched and spicy.

Prepare your supplies quietly from home before you leave with appro-zagaya, the Martinique specialist in ship supply, you will find many local products.

Soak up the typical and colourful atmosphere by visiting the fruit and vegetable markets. The scents of spices and rums will delight you.

Here is a quick and easy recipe for grilled lobster a la plancha.

For 4 persons, you need 4 half lobsters of about 350 grs, 10 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 lemons, 2 shallots, parsley, paprika, powdered cayenne pepper, herbs of Provence.

Marinate the 10 tablespoons of olive oil, lemon juice, shallots, garlic cloves and finely chopped parsley in a container and then add the cayenne pepper. On the flesh side, sprinkle the lobsters with this marinade, sprinkle with paprika and finally add some Provencal herbs.

The lobsters prepared in this way are very suitable for a ti-punch, (to be drunk in moderation).

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