Departure of the NEEL 47 in La Rochelle for Croatia!

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Departure of the NEEL 47 in La Rochelle for Croatia!

Spring is just around the corner and the trimaran rental season is being actively prepared in La Rochelle. The boats come out of the shipyard all beautiful, all new, they are launched and once they have been thoroughly checked, they set sail each in turn from La Rochelle in the direction of their various charter bases in the Mediterranean : Croatia, Corsica and the French Riviera.

On 25th February, the first NEEL 47 for the TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER fleet cast off the ropes from the port of Les Minimes in La Rochelle, in the direction of Croatia. The crew, the skipper, Timothé Bruneel from Gosailing and 2 crew members, estimates that it will take 15 days to cover the 2,500 nautical miles that separate La Rochelle from Split in Croatia, if they are not blocked by bad weather in the meantime.

The 2nd NEEL 47 will follow within a few days, also heading for Croatia. It will be skippered by Jean-Baptiste Le Vaillant, a very experienced sailor of large racing multihulls and also used to the NEEL convoy.

  • The NEEL 47 ” Malta ” will be based at the Kastela marina near Split.
  • The NEEL 47 “Hydra” will be based at the Veruda Marina in Pula.

To celebrate the arrival of these two new NEEL 47 in Croatia, TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER
offers you a 15% discount for a charter between 17th April and 3rd of July 2021.

Block your cruise now by consulting our schedule.

Details on the itinerary

Given the health situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic, stopovers are excluded from the programme. The boats will head for A Coruña in Spain and then head for the Strait of Gibraltar, by which time they will have covered 1,000 miles from La Rochelle. Welcome to the Mediterranean and direction Messina, again a distance of about 1,000 nautical miles to cover. The boats will then leave the Tyrrhenian Sea and pass through the Strait of Messina into the Ionian Sea. The two trimarans will finally reach the Adriatic Sea to reach their destination on the Croatian coast.

Departure of the NEEL 47 in La Rochelle for Croatia!

Life on board the NEEL 47

In addition to the NEEL 47’s unequalled marine qualities, speed and sea passage, its wide and open living space, light and airy, will make these navigations a real pleasure.

Life on board is mainly on one level with the galley and its 360° panoramic view, its living space half inside and half outside, the famous Cockloon and its extra large cockpit. Let’s not forget the owner’s cabin on the same level separated from the chart table by a glass panel, which allows the skipper to keep watch from his berth while checking his navigation instruments.

All manoeuvres can be carried out from the helm station, which makes them much easier on the one hand and guarantees safety on the other.

These two trimarans are waiting for you in Croatia!

NEEl 47
Cooking aboard a NEEL trimaran
Departure of the NEEL 47 in La Rochelle for Croatia! 1
Departure of the NEEL 47 in La Rochelle for Croatia! 2


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