A cruise departing from Marseille-Port Corbières

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A cruise departing from Marseille-Port Corbières 1

Located north of the harbour of the Phocaean city in the extension of the autonomous port, the very modern port of Corbières is well sheltered from the prevailing winds. For a week’s cruise, sail between the islands of Frioul and Embiez via the Calanques National Park.

The Corbières base is easily accessible from Marseille or Aix en Provence TGV train station and is only 20 minutes from Marseille-Provence airport.

Discovering the Friuli Islands

The islands of Frioul constitute an archipelago located a short distance off the coast of Marseille. It is made up of 4 islands:

  • Pomeges,
  • Ratonneau,
  • Yew and the
  • Tiboulen islet of Frioul.

With their numerous sandy creeks and beaches, these islands will seduce you with their picturesque side and their still wild and preserved landscapes.

It is an ideal destination for lovers of history, nature, unusual walks, swimming and water sports. The fauna and flora are exceptional. Indeed, the Frioul archipelago is today a place of life and refuge for many animal and plant species.

On the island of Ratonneau, discover the Pointe Brigantin, the Calanque de Morgiret, the Fort de Ratonneau which overlooks the magnificent Calanque de Sainte-Estève or the Calanque de l’Eoube.

Pommègues remains wilder and more authentic, you can find various traces of its former military activity.

A cruise departing from Marseille-Port Corbières 4
A cruise departing from Marseille-Port Corbières 2

L’ilot d’If particularly known for its castle which occupies with its ramparts the whole surface of the island. Made famous by the Count of Monte-Cristo, you can immerse yourself in the novel by Alexandre Dumas. The castle was built in the 16th century by order of François 1st who wanted to protect the access to the port of Marseille.

The Tiboulen islet of Frioul has a maritime traffic light, green with 3 flashes per 12 seconds at a height of 34 metres and visible at 7 nautical miles. The bottom is full of fish and covered with blue gorgonians.

A warning to those interested by scuba diving! This site is considered as one of the best scuba diving spots near Marseille.

The wonderful Calanques National Park!

The Calanques massif is a wonder of nature, nestled between Marseille and Cassis. The park offers a turquoise sea, pebble or fine sand beaches, creeks lined with limestone massifs, a real postcard setting! It is the ideal site to enjoy all the fun of your sailboat, swim, explore the exceptional sea bed, do paddle, or simply laze around and sunbathe.

There are a total of 26 Calanques more or less easily accessible. Ashore, beautiful excursions await the lovers of hiking!

The Calanque of Sormiou has a small sheltered port and a restaurant, the Calanque of Morgiou is home to a charming little picturesque village with its huts, fishing port and pebble beach.

In order to limit the impact on the fauna and flora of these protected waters, access to the Calanques is nowadays highly regulated. Before you leave Port Corbières, find out about the mooring rules in force in the Calanques, in order to take full advantage of this exceptional site.

A cruise departing from Marseille-Port Corbières 3

Les Embiez: a concentrate of the Mediterranean Sea

You will be seduced by the natural diversity of this site, vineyards, old salt marshes, wild creeks, reefs, shady pine forests, lagoons, arid garrigue. You will love to stroll there to the sound of cicadas. Another special feature is that cars are not allowed.

You can go around the island by bike, or on foot in 2 hours, the perimeter of the island is only 6 km. You will be able to choose your own beach, Les allemands beach only 10 minutes from the port, for a wilder setting, towards the south-east of the island of Les Embiez, where there are some lovely, quieter creeks.

If you enjoy the ocean? and museums? visit the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute. Paul Ricard has always been concerned with ecology and the protection of the environment, especially the marine environment.

If you opt for a two-week cruise, then your fields of exploration from Port-Corbières widen, Corsica or the Balearics Islands are yours!



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