Why choose a NEEL trimaran for your cruise

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Pourquoi choisir un trimaran NEEL pour sa croisière 2

The trimaran is undoubtedly the ideal boat for cruising with family and/or friends. Indeed, it is considered as “the best of both worlds” between the monohull, a high-performance sailing boat but not very habitable in general, and the catamaran, a generous boat but less comfortable to sail.

NEEL trimarans are known for :

  • their spacious cockpits on the outside,
  • with plenty of seating in different directions,
  • easy and safe circulation on deck,
  • a helm station that can accommodate up to 3 passengers,
  • and many sunbathing possibilities.
Pourquoi choisir un trimaran NEEL pour sa croisière

The Cockloon®, an open style layout created by merging the cockpit and saloon

The famous Cockloon® (contraction of Cockpit and Saloon) is one of the specificities of NEEL trimarans. It is the generously proportioned exterior/interior space that gives an unequalled impression of volume thanks to the total opening of the bay window between the saloon and the cockpit. You have the pleasant sensation of being in a loft on the water.

Les trimarans NEEL 3

A unique layout

The layout of NEEL trimarans is also unique, you will systematically find, whatever the model, an owner’s cabin on the main deck, bright with a 270° view. Then, depending on the model, each NEEL trimaran offers its own layout to suit the crew on board, with well-separated living spaces for privacy on the NEEL 47, or modular layouts on the NEEL 43, or space and luxury on the NEEL 51.

Pourquoi choisir un trimaran NEEL pour sa croisière 1

The storage space is large enough to accommodate all the games (inflatable paddles, kites, diving equipment) that are essential for happy anchoring. The maneuvers are simplified because they can be done from the helm station, so the maneuvering crew can be reduced to 1 or 2 people.

The excellent seaworthiness of the boat with a particularly smooth and fast sea passage makes the crossings pleasant and short between anchorages.


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