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With its thousands of islands scattered between the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea, its many archipelagos and its immense coastline, Greece is a true paradise for sailing enthusiasts. The country now has five sailing areas: the Cyclades, the Saronic Gulf, the Sporades, the Dodecanese archipelago and the Ionian Sea, each with their own characteristics and suitable for all types of sailor.

The destination

  • Idyllic beaches and dense forests
  • Archaeological sites
  • 6,000 islands and islets

Practical information

  • Official language : Greek, English spoken widely
  • Currency : Euro (€)
  • Time at Athens : 08:36
Grèce 2

Greece, 6000 islands and islets to discover by boat

A trimaran, catamaran or monohull cruise is still one of the best ways to discover Greece and its 6000 islands and islets! A wonderful sailing playground and a paradise for scuba diving or snorkelling.


The Cyclades :

A picture postcard landscape, blue sky, small dry mountainous islands, immaculate white villages.

You can explore the Cyclades setting off from Athens, Lavrion, or directly from a base in the heart of the Cyclades archipelago such as the famous islands of Mykonos or Paros. Beware of the prevailing wind during the summer: the Meltem, a northerly wind that arrives in from June, force 5/6 which can reach 7/8, often strengthening in July and August, then decreases and calms down towards the end of September.


The Dodecanese:

The sailing basin runs along the Turkish coast. The islands of Kos and Rhodes are the two important departure bases for yacht rental. Discover Kos and its Neratzia castle and Rhodes, the main islands in the region.

And don’t miss Simi which has one of the most beautiful ports in Greece, and the islands of Chalki, Tilos and Nisyros.

As for the Cyclades, beware of the Meltem wind when renting a yacht in the Dodecanese. It can be strong.

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And also...

The Sporades:

Backed by two spectacular mountain ranges, the Sporades archipelago is a very unspoiled and above all quiet sailing area, a 20-year flashback that brings you peace. The island of Skiathos is one of the essential starting points for yacht rental. Don’t miss the islands of Skópelos, Alonissos and Limnos, and Mount Athos.


The Saronic Gulf:

The most practical starting point for renting a yacht is Athens, with its various marinas. Classified sites, such as Poros, Hydra, Spetsai, Nafplio and Monembasía, are key destinations for a leisurely cruise. The Saronic Gulf is protected from the Meltem in July and August.

If you opt for two weeks of sailing, you can sail all the way to the Cyclades, especially in spring or autumn when the wind is more favourable there.


The Ionian Islands:

Composed of 7 islands, you can depart from Corfu or Lefkas and sail south to discover the countless islands. You are guaranteed peaceful sailing, it’s a recommended destination for family sailing. The advantages of the Ionian are that in summer the Meltem does not blow here and the wind is very regular. There are a multitude of islands and welcoming mooring points.

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