5 good reasons to charter a trimaran

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The NEEL 43, the ideal family cruiser 3

Picking a sailboat, monohull or catamaran usually means finding a compromise between performance and comfort. Trimarans offer the immense advantage of seamlessly combining these to give you maximum pleasure.

The NEEL 43, the ideal family cruiser

A new concept

Trimarans are the yachts of the future, bringing you the best of both worlds: that of the monohull (safe and seaworthy boat) and that of the catamaran (which offers vast living spaces). Combining comfort, space, safety and performance on three hulls, the trimaran is simply an ideal boat.
Chartering a trimaran with TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER for your next trip, with family or friends, means opting for a whole different experience: it means innovation and guaranteed pleasure.

Unparalleled living space

NEEL trimarans boast a unique and original layout. On the main deck, you’ll love the outstanding panoramic view, the same-level cabin, the famous Cockloon (half-indoor, half-outdoor living space) and the extra large cockpit, sheltered and beautifully equipped with bench seats and plancha.
It’s a layout you and your guests will enjoy to the full as you bask in its relaxing, sociable atmosphere.

The NEEL 43, the ideal family cruiser 2

Easy sailing

NEEL trimarans are sailboats that are easy to manoeuver with a small crew. They are very stable and responsive to steer, giving you guaranteed comfort at sea. Enjoy a serene sailing experience and discover the assets of NEEL trimarans.

Complete autonomy

The NEEL trimarans are all equipped with a watermaker and solar panels. So you are autonomous in energy and fresh water. No need to go back to port to fill up with water or to recharge the batteries. The life of Robinson in the wild anchorages is yours!

NEEl 47

Eco-friendly sailing

In today’s world, a sailboat is one of the least polluting means of transport, allowing you to enjoy holidays in a more sustainable and responsible way. With NEEL trimarans, your travels are energy-efficient, clean and safe: sail in a responsible way while reducing your environmental footprint.


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