This summer, embark on a Mediterranean cruise aboard a trimaran

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Cet été, embarquez pour une croisière en méditerranée à bord d’un trimaran

Whether you’re a sailing enthusiast looking for a quick cruise or a holidaymaker looking for relaxation, the Mediterranean offers a unique and unforgettable experience. From crystal-clear waters to coastal towns steeped in history, embark on an incredible adventure that will amaze all your senses.

Discover the pleasure of Mediterranean sailing

The Mediterranean is renowned for its unique and ideal sailing conditions. Its almost continuous sunshine and generous winds, coupled with the performance of a NEEL trimaran, guarantee unique sailing sensations.

Mild temperatures allow you to extend summer into September, when sailing lanes are less crowded, creating the perfect playground for intrepid sailors.

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The hidden gems of the Mediterranean


Coastal towns steeped in history

Historic gems such as Split, Ajaccio and Menton dot the Mediterranean coastline. Drop anchor and explore these mythical cities from the sea. Explore ancient sites, sample exquisite local cuisine and soak up the vibrant culture of each port of call.

Marine flora and fauna

The clear waters of the Mediterranean offer exceptional opportunities to discover colorful marine life. From the Côte d’Azur to Croatia, discover the incomparable beauty of the underwater worlds. Diving enthusiasts will discover the secrets of incredible sites such as Secca del Pappa. This diving spot is world-renowned for its rich and colorful flora and fauna, which never ceases to capture the hearts of its visitors.


Relax aboard your trimaran

Beyond their breathtaking sailing performance, NEEL trimarans are praised for their incredible comfort and light-filled living spaces. Take advantage of the panoramic view from the walk-in cabin, or the Cockloon®, a comfortable, convivial and spacious indoor/outdoor relaxation area for the whole family. End your day on deck, watching the sun set over the sparkling sea. Enjoy the trimaran experience aboard a NEEL 43 or NEEL 47 from our numerous charter bases in the Mediterranean.

Share this experience with your loved ones!

Embark with your family 👪

Enjoy a cruise aboard a NEEL 43 to share precious, unforgettable moments with family members, whether sailing, exploring historic cities together or paddleboarding in the sun on turquoise water.


Enjoy your vacation with friends 🎊

Come aboard the NEEL 47 with your friends for a relaxing and fun-filled vacation. This emblematic NEEL-TRIMARANS model guarantees everyone’s privacy thanks to its float layout. Enjoy festive aperitifs and delicious sunset meals together, and explore the most beautiful dive spots from the boat.

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