The advantages of buying with chartering-management services

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TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER specialises in chartering trimarans and offering chartering-management purchase programmes that allow you to become the owner of a NEEL trimaran. Enjoy all the advantages of ownership without the constraints.

Buying with chartering-management services, an alternative to traditional ownership

Feel like enjoying your boat or another trimaran leaving from one of our bases, without taking on the constraints of full ownership? TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER offers you five programmes that either grant you a reduced purchase price upon acquisition or allow you to earn rental income.

There are lots of advantages:

  • You become the owner of a NEEL trimaran
  • You commit for a set period (between 24 and 66 months)
  • You can sail for several weeks per year (depending on the programme)
  • You do not have to pay (other than the Reality programme) any additional costs related to your boat’s insurance, its harbour place or its maintenance.
  • You can sail other trimarans from our bases, through the exchange system

Become the owner of an outstanding yacht: a NEEL trimaran

Les trimarans NEEL

TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER works in partnership with the NEEL-TRIMARANS shipyard, which has been producing boats renowned for their safety, comfort and performance for over ten years. Acquiring a NEEL-TRIMARANS means opting for a spacious and seaworthy multihull, an experience full of innovation and pleasure.


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