This summer, escape to the Isle of Beauty

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Cet été, évadez-vous sur l’Île de Beauté

Is it still necessary to describe the famous Corsica? One of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe, offering yachtsmen exceptional seascapes. With its crystal-clear waters, coves and well-spaced coastline, this French island territory is a sailing paradise. The sailing areas are breathtaking, but so is the culture you’ll find on land: renowned gastronomy, real heritage treasures, picturesque towns and remarkable walks are all on offer at every stopover.

And if you still need convincing, TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER is offering a 20% discount on the rental of a NEEL 43 or a NEEL 47 from Propriano or Ajaccio from 1st June to 17th September 2022!

Two rental bases ideally located

Ajaccio and Propriano, respectively in the West and South-West of the island of Beauty, are ideal places to charter a trimaran.

Ajaccio is the prefecture and largest city in Corsica and is very easy to reach. This superb port city will allow you to access all the shops and services before your departure. As soon as you sail off, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Ajaccio and then set sail to the north and south of the island, both of which are almost equidistant from the city nicknamed “Napoleon’s city”.

Sailing from Propriano, a nugget of the Gulf of Valinco, you can quickly reach Bonifacio, a city marking the southern end of Corsica and where the winds are stronger. From there, you’ll be only a short distance from Sardinia where you’ll be greeted by the sumptuousness of the Maddalena Archipelago.

How to get to Corsica?

Don’t let the wild landscapes and deserted coves: it is very easy to get to Corsica. There are two main ways to get to Ajaccio: many flights from France, but also from Brussels and London serve Ajaccio’s Napoleon Bonaparte airport. You can also get there by ferry from the south of France.

Propriano is only an hour’s drive from Ajaccio, so you can get there easily by landing in Ajaccio. There are also ferries from Marseille to Propriano. Allow twelve hours for the night crossing.

As far as health restrictions are concerned, it is no longer compulsory to wear a mask when travelling in France. The presentation of a vaccination or health pass is also lifted. Exceptions may occur depending on your country of departure, so please check the measures in force.


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